Gift Of Love: Alfonso

Tonight, the story of a bright, talented young man who never gives up. His name is Alfonso. This foster child is sure to make a family proud, and he's hoping to get the opportunity soon.

We introduce you to Alfonso in KLTV 7's Gift Of Love report.

"Woo, nothing like a cool game of golf, huh? Yes, ma'am."

Alfonso and I play a round of putt-putt golf in Tyler.

"Oh, very nice that you got that up there. Thanks."

And within no time: "What'd you get, Alfonso?" "A hole in one. A hole in one, alright," he replies.

Alfonso also likes basketball, soccer, and is a big Dallas Cowboy fan. This well rounded 12 year old also likes to sing and play the piano.

"I started when my grandma taught me how to play piano and she gave me piano lessons. I got really good at it, and then everybody likes it when I play piano for them," said Alfonso.

"Alfonso is a really neat kid with a great personality. I think he has so much potential," said Lori Sutton, Alfonso's CPS caseworker.

Alfonso's favorite hobby is cleaning. Yes, you read that right!

"I mostly clean the room, that's what I mostly do."

"So you're a real clean, organized kind of kid?"

"Yes, clothes folded and everything."

We asked him if always makes his bed in the morning. "Yes, when I get up, and get on my feet and make my bed."

Alfonso was placed in foster care after his family had a long history with CPS involving abuse and neglect. Despite his past, he has shown a lot of persistence and progress with his behavior.

"I'm really proud of Alfonso because he has come a long way. He has struggled, it was hard for him to be separated from his family, that is where he always thought he would be. And when that didn't happen, he had some trouble resolving that and it came out in his behaviors," said Sutton.

"I'm not that bad of a kid. I don't act bad that much," Alfonso told us today.

Alfonso has had some close calls in his life, but he's ready to move on.

"I want a family that takes real good care of me."

"I hope a family will take the time to let him play basketball and take him the movies and do the fun stuff that kids his age have already experienced, and just really let him have a childhood before it's too late," said Sutton.

Alfonso would do best as the youngest child in a family. He's a joy to be around and an inspiration to those he meets, as I found out.

"As far as an adoptive family goes, they would be so very fortunate and lucky to have this young man," said Sutton.

If you'd like more information on Alfonso, call our Gift Of Love hotline, toll-free at 1-888-KIDS-275.

Gillian Sheridan Reporting