Energy Security Council, Crime Stoppers Partnering

The Texas-based Energy Security Council (ESC) has announced their partnership with Crime Stoppers across Texas.

Beginning July 1st, the ESC will be sponsoring a statewide Energy Crimestoppers Hotline as a way to try to reduce and solve theft and fraud in the energy sector.

The Energy Crime Stoppers hotline will be manned by professional operators 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  All tipsters calling in to the hotline will remain anonymous.  Cash rewards of up to $1000 will be paid when a tip results in an arrest or charges being filed against people who are  responsible for theft, fraud, and other crimes committed against energy companies.

According to John Omohundro, Chairman of the ESC Law Enforcement Liaison Committee, "Thefts and fraud against energy, petrochemical, and related industry companies are on the rise as the cost of energy, in general, has increased.   These crimes have a negative impact on energy production.  This is especially true in the oil patches of Texas, where theft of oilfield and drilling equipment has increased dramatically during the past year."

Cathryn Khalil /