Residents Say They're Left In The Mud After Every Rain Storm

Mud, mud, go away - the rain was a bitter sweet surprise for some east Texans, especially to some residents of south Tyler.

Folks in the Barbee Street area were greeted to a morning mudslide of sorts. Now, they're up to their heels in it.

KLTV 7's Layron Livingston tells us why those residents feel they've been slapped - and left with mud on their faces.

The rain was a welcomed sight, but not so much what it came with it.

"The scene was madness...the water was rushing tremendously, and of course, all the sand was coming down the hill and just flowing."

Tons of dirt and mud from the Grande Extension project literally ended up in Linda Harris' front and backyard.

She says it's the third time it's happened since she's been in her home, and she's not the only one.

"Anytime it rains, it's all in the street and in our yard," says Aimee Dennis. Dennis says she couldn't get out of her driveway this morning.

"My sister had parked her truck in front of our mailbox, and she had red clay in the bed of her truck. So it had gotten up that high."

Greg Morgan with the city of Tyler said all that rain took everyone by surprise, even washing out a 72-inch covert underneath Jeff Davis drive.

"Unfortunately, when you have a heavy rain like we did last night, it overwhelms the erosion protection," said Morgan.

He says the city is now working with contractors to repair and keep up those barriers.

For now, Monica Wakefield's just glad the streets in front of her salon are clear for business.

"I actually had a lady this morning that said, rain, or snow, or mudslide, we're going to get our hair done," said Wakefield.

And neighbors are hoping it can stay that way.

The city of Tyler says right they're working to get the materials together to get Jeff Davis drive up and running again. They hope to have those repairs done by this weekend.

Layron Livingston, reporting.