More Dogs and Cats at Humane Society

It's a problem that workers at the Gregg County Humane Society deal with each spring and summer, the population explosion of stray cats and dogs.

Abandoned animals that have no place else to go are taken to the Humane Society. InGregg County, they take in and anstounding 1,300 animals each month.

In most cases, dogs and cats have been abandoned by their owners or just dropped somewhere in an isolated area, but shelter workers want to put the word out that it doesn't have to happen.

They want people who don't want their pets to contact them first.  The shelter, along with other organizations like Pick of the Litter, work to find the unwanted pets good homes.

Shelter workers say people buy puppies and kittens as family pets and then when they grow up into adult cats and dogs the novelty wears off.  Sadly, a lot of them end up abandoned or even dropped off right at the shelter doors.

The answer is educating the public about spay and nuetering their pets to keep them from proliferating with other strays they may come in contact.

The hope is that one day no more animals will have to lead a starving existence, or have to be euthanized.