Man Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Into Car, Assaulting Ten Year Old To Steal Purse

Saturday night, Longview Police responded to a robbery call at the Murphy gas station in front of Wal-Mart on Estes Parkway.

When officers arrived, a woman told them that she had parked her car at a fuel pump and then walked away from her car to pay for the fuel. While she was gone, a man got into her car and took her purse. The victim's ten year old daughter was in the car at the time of the robbery, and she told police that when she tried to hold on to the purse, the robber assaulted her to get the purse away from her.

Witnesses at the scene were able to provide a license plate number for the vehicle the suspect was in, which led police to arrest Joshua Ray Leonard, 21, for the crime. Leonard is in the Gregg County Jail for robbery.

Longview Police say the investigation is still open and ongoing.

Cathryn Khalil /