Retailers Celebrate Tax-Free Weekend Like Holiday

As they say, if you build it, they will come. And if you knock off the taxes, they'll come in droves.

Texas' tax-free weekend concluded Sunday, and the stores were jammed again. Michael Williams, Assistant Manager with Tyler's J. C. Penney store, estimated, "We've probably doubled or tripled our normal weekend business. This is probably the second biggest weekend of the year outside of the holiday period."

The discount has made it feel a lot like Christmas, only a lot hotter outside. Stores have added more workers to handle the overload, and families are coming out en masse to stock up for the school year.

Williams says, "We've got a lot of families coming in, getting everybody trying their clothes on. It's a good family weekend."

It's not just Texans saving money, as stores are seeing people come all the way from Louisiana just to save the sales tax. Even stores that aren't covered by the sales tax waiver are still seeing a increase in business because of the amount of traffic.

Rick Parks, who owns the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Broadway Square Mall, has seen his business increase even though his store isn't required to discount the tax. "The foot traffic through the mall in general has been very strong the last couple of days. We, of course, receive the residual benefits of that. It's almost reminiscent of Christmas season."

And so, the shopping continued, as families came out to make their money go that all-important eight point two five percent farther.