Ingram Inspires Teammates, Coaches At First Practice

The Longview Lobos began two-a-days Monday evening, officially starting their new year as a 4A team.

On the first day of practice, the Lobos got some inspiration from a teammate that beat the odds just to walk into the fieldhouse.

KLTV 7 Sports has followed the story of D'Mio Ingram the past few months. D'Mio attended the Lobos practice on Monday.

In May, D'Mio stopped breathing and was temporarily paralyzed after he was tackled during practice. Coaches said it was a boost for D'mio's teammates to see him at practice. While D'Mio won't be able to play this year, he will work with the team on a regular basis and be with the Lobos for every game.

"It's a disappointment but not too big of a disappointment that I'm not getting to play," D'Mio said. "As long as my team handles their business and do what they've got to do, it's alright."

"I've seen him throughout the summer and he's improved from day to day," Coach John King said. "He's got a smile on his face and he's got a positive attitude about things. It's hard for him because he wanted to play football his senior year. But we're going to try and keep him a part of this program as best we can and hopefully let him participate in whatever capacity he can. He's still going to be one of us."