Romo Not Nostalgic About Days As A Backup

Two years ago, Tony Romo was a backup at Cowboys training camp.

This year, he is being called one of the game's elite.

Romo was 3-3 with 33 yards in his brief appearance in Saturday's preseason opener against San Diego.

The starting quarterback says there's no nostalgia when he looks at his career.

"You don't look at it like that," Romo said. "You just look at it like I'm trying to play. I'm trying to get on the field. I'm trying to get better at the game of football."

"The exciting thing really about the game is just improvement," Romo continued. "The ability as a team to get better, the ability as a player, to get better. Woo years ago I'd be thinking last year I couldn't throw this route but now I've gotten better this off season and I can throw it. That's really exciting to me and I think that's really exciting to the guys."

"We have a chance to get better each day we are out here."

Cowboys Camp Headlines:

* The Cowboys leave Oxnard, California on Tuesday, then head to Denver for two-a-days . Those practices are closed to the public.

*  The Cowboys offense will face a Tylerite at defensive end in Denver. Former John Tyler Lion Tim Crowder is in his second season with Denver.

* The St. Petersburg Times reporting the Cowboys had a scout at Tampa Bay's preseason opener to check out quarterback Chris Simms.