Rusk County Sheriff's Office Fights Abductions Using Technology

When a child is kidnapped, law enforcement agencies find themselves racing against the clock to find them before it's too late. But, the Rusk County Sheriff's department just got a new computer program that might do the trick.

Crime prevention officer Shane Krajewski says with the help of a new software called "The Abduction Central Alert," he can simply click a button and dispense missing person information to law enforcement and media outlets within

Once Rusk County adds a missing person profile into their computer program, that information is sent to every agency within a hundred mile radius. In turn, those agencies resend the data to more departments.

"It's a plus to have it," said Krajewski.

The technology goes beyond just e-mail. As soon as missing profiles sent out, police departments start receiving faxes and patrolman receive pages.

With the program's help, Officer Krajewsky believes Rusk County can close abduction cases much more quickly. The software was developed by the Child Alert Foundation.

Two non-profits, Southern Cruisers and Bikers for Kids, donated the program to the sheriff's department. They are one of several East Texas agencies using the software.