Tyler National Guard Gets The Call To Duty

For the first time since 1961, the Third Battalion has been called up. Soldiers at the Texas Army National Guard Armory have spent the week in preparation.

Staff Sergeant Terry Draper says, "These guys are getting, most of them, their first real-world mission. They are glad to be able to assist."

Draper, one of many getting ready to deploy, originally left the Army in 1991, but reenlisted last October. "When I saw the news on September eleventh," he explains, "It moved me and it really bothered me a lot that I wasn't still in the military."

All details on their mission are, of course, classified. but they do know they will be leaving soon, and leaving behind their families and loved ones to serve their country. For soldiers who originally signed up for only a weekend every month and two weeks a year, there will be some emotional moments.

Draper says "The dad and the husband in me wants to stay with his family. But the soldier in me is ready to go."

For many soldiers, the September attacks that began this war brought home the need for their service. Now, they'll get their chance to defend their homeland.