Shop 'Til You Drop, Only Tax Free

If you don't like paying sales tax on your clothes, then you are going to love shopping in East Texas this weekend.

The yearly tax free holiday weekend kicked off for parents ready to do their back to school shopping.

Many stores carrying the tax exempt items are sweetening the deal with sales and clearance items.

Among the most popular items, are kids clothes and shoes, but adults are also taking advantage of the eight dollar savings per hundred dollar purchase.

"We just save up and we go buy and we decide we're going to wait and hope that it's still there," says Livida Colston.

The consensus among shoppers was the tax free holiday is great for their pocketbooks, but would be even better if other back to school essentials were added.

"School supplies would be great," says Robin Griffith.

In all, Texas expects to save shoppers 42-million dollars during the tax free holiday. You have until midnight Sunday to take advantage of the savings.