Lack Of Interest In Presidential Campaign: East Texans' Weigh In

A national poll linked to our Website suggests Americans are getting tired of hearing about the 2008 Presidential election.  As of Saturday night, more than 1,000 East Texans have responded saying what they want to see.  So far, more than 30% say they would like more coverage on John McCain.  Only 5% would like more Obama coverage, and more than half say they'd like to see less coverage of both.

KLTV 7's Courtney Lane went on a trail of her own, getting party leaders and East Texans' view of where this campaign is headed.

Still, three months left on the campaign trail, but many East Texans say they've had enough.

"I think everybody's pretty tired of it," said Seth Graves.

"I'm just ready for them to debate," said Emily Davis.

"Just ready for November, for this to be over," said Graves.  Others enjoy the coverage and want even more.

"What I would like to see is more substance from both of them," said John Glenn.  Party leaders agree many voters are swaying back and forth during this long campaign, especially as Senator Obama still works on picking up Clinton supporters.

"He came out against Hillary, and he went for his basic beliefs, which I feel are very far left and now that he's going into the general election he realizes, hey if he keeps to those basic core beliefs, he's not going to get the middle voters and swing voters," said Smith County Republican Party Chair Ashton Oravetz.

"Let's face it, most people do not make a decision until the last minute," said Smith County Democratic Party Chair David Henderson. "But aren't we blessed to live in a country where we can have a free and open campaign and our opponents are not our enemies?"  So what lies ahead?  Party leaders predict more interest from voters, as we get closer to November.

"People will get fired up again and particularly among the Democrats," said Henderson.  "We're going to see, I think, a lot of enthusiasm on the college campuses."

"The convention will fire it up some, I think the right Vice Presidential candidate will help," said Oravetz.

"I think once they debate, I think everyone will get back in the spirit of things," said Davis.  And in this interesting and history-making campaign, there might be more surprises to come.

There are only 16 days left until the Democratic convention.  Republican party leaders say we could see more from Senator McCain's campaign after Labor day, when the Republican convention begins.

Courtney Lane, Reporting