Longview Homeowner Has Large Insect Visitor

A Gregg County homeowner has had to deal with much more the usual pesky summer insects like mosquitos and flies, but a much larger unwanted insect visitor.   James Harrison was sitting on his porch with his wife this past weekend, when what he thought was hummingbird flew through his front door.

"We heard this buzzing sound, when I actually seen what it was I was really amazed it was a wasp flying through" says Harrison.

Harrison quickly tried to kill the three inch wasp.

"Immediately I thought about my kids what if this thing landed on my kids in my yard" he says.

Harrison's uninvited guest is commonly known as a cicada killer or in the western desert a tarantula wasp. It has a 4 inch wing span,  and it took some doing for Harrison to kill it.

"Well I went for the wasp spray and it really didn't phaze it.  First thing I thought of was to set that can on top of it on the window ledge as I set the can on it , it really made it mad , rocking the can back and forth a little bit" James says.

He finally had to skewer it to kill it. Wildlife experts say they pack a painful sting and can be deadly to those who have an allergic reaction.

"When I first saw  it I had no idea what it was" say Harrison.

Its not rare to east Texas but Harrison hopes its the only time he ever sees it.

Ag-extension agents told us today that cicada killers are beneficial insects, non-aggressive and greatly reducing the cicada population.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com