Bulldogs Taking It Inside

Football season in Kilgore means the playoffs.

"Here in Kilgore it's a definite winning tradition," senior center Colby Rosen said. "Being a senior, we have to hold that tradition up."

"It feels good to finally get it kicked off," senior quarterback Steven McBryde said. "We've been waiting for this, we live for this. All year, it's football season."

Twelve of thirteen years under coach Mike Vallery, Kilgore has been a playoff team. This year, the Bulldogs have a not-so-secret weapon, their new indoor practice facility.

"It shows what this program means to the town and the community," McBryde said, "it's great."

"We're proud of Kilgore," Bulldogs head coach Mike Vallery said, "we're proud for our kids and community, and proud of our administration. We won't have to change anything, we can carry our practices right inside. Earlier this week, when it was 105 and 110, and the heat index was even hotter than that, we were able to get inside."

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