What's In A Name? Plenty When It Comes To The Cowboys

Shakespeare penned the famous line, "What's in a name?" But at Cowboys Camp this year, we were more interested in what's in a nickname?


"Those are my initials," Terrell Owens shrugged. "Nothing to that."

T-New and Big Flo are obvious.

"It fits me so why not run with it," Flozell Adams said. "I make a big presence on the field and I make my opponents feel it. So I'm 'Big Flo.' "

Rookie Running back Felix Jones has been "Felix the Cat" since grade school.

"I mean a cat's kind of sneaky and quick so I guess you could say that," Jones laughed.

"Felix the cat?" Terrell Owens questioned. "I call him 'Felix My Dog Jones.' "

It probably would not surprise you to know that Adam Jones thinks his nickname is best.

" 'Pacman' that goes a long way with the video game and I think that's one of the best video games of all time," Jones said. "I think I'm in the top."

" 'Pacman?' He talks all day," receiver Sam Hurd said. "His fits perfect."

Hurd's slight frame creates his secondary names like Bird and Noodle. Some players go by only their nickname like defensive lineman, Terry Johnson.

" 'Tank?' I didn't even know his real name," Adams said. "So, it's Tank."

"I thought that (Tank) was his real name," Hurd said. "I wondered who names their kid 'Tank' but hey...."