Favre Officially Introduced As A NY Jet

When Brett Favre held up his new jersey Thursday night, the color was green but the trim was white.

Favre was officially introduced as a New York Jet before the start of the team's preseason game. Favre was traded from Green Bay late Wednesday night.

The ongoing saga that captured the media's attention on a daily basis began when Favred decided to come out of retirement last month. He was reinstated by the NFL on Sunday.

"I'm not here for commericals, or to go to Broadway. I'm here for one reason," Favre said. "That's to help the Jets win."

Here in East Texas football fans had mixed feelings about seeing Favre with a new team.

"The fact that he is with the Jets right now, I'm still stunned," Rick Walston of Whitehouse said. "I'm a Cowboys fan, not a Packers fan, but I thought he would retire as a Packer."

"Brett favre is dead to me," Green Bay superfan Randy Hanson said. "It just would sicken me to see him on Lambeau Field again, unless we're playing him. That's five picks for us that day."

KLTV 7 Sports will have more on Hanson's plans to bring some good out of the Favre drama at 10 p.m.