Troup Golf Course Vandalized, But Green Left Behind

Fishing golf balls out of a pond is one thing, but golf carts is another.

"I thought ,'Cart in the lake, is this a joke?' so when I got down here I went down behind the number 6 hole and it was in the lake," says Wayne Holley, a Hilltop Country Club member.

Hilltop Country Club members can't believe vandals would step on their course for no other reason than to destroy it.

"Just plain vandalism and that's the thing that surprised me. The inside of the building, the money's there," says Billy Cromer, Hilltop Country Club manager. "Nothing's missing except a new 25 inch color tv still in the box."

Racist writings and clues as to who the vandals could be were also tagged on the walls where the golf carts are kept. Some of the storage buildings were broken into and broken through before the criminals took the golf rides over the greens headed straight for the water.

Wayne Holley's lucky he only had to wash the pond residue off his cart, but he's not happy about it.

"It's just a useless thing to do. It's just a lot of damage done to goods that you will either have to repair and someone has to pay a price for it," says Holley.

The vandals went as far as to cover the parking lot in expensive golf bags and equipment, but the members are just thankful, they didn't take it out to the green. An expense that could have hurt Hilltop's golfing business and not just the property inside.

"I'd like to see them caught and behind bars, there's a lot of damage out here," says cromer. To the tune of 30,000 dollars and lost time cleaning up the useless mess.