John Tyler Sheds "Low Performing" Status

The state has spoken, and their rankings of schools statewide show the best student performance in years.  More than 1,800 schools statewide received the highest rating of all -- they are exemplary campuses.

Many are in East Texas... and this is the first time there haven't been "low performing" schools in Smith, Gregg, and Cherokee counties.

John Tyler High School is no longer low performing.  Improvements in the dropout rate and TAAS test performance raised them to the state's acceptable ranking. Given a more than four percent dropout rate two years ago, the principal is very proud of the improvement.

"Our dropout rate has been cut in half, and the TAAS scores have risen from the 70's to the 90's and we have had increases of as much as 20-22 percent increase in taas in two of our three caregories, so we're very happy about that."

For the TEA's website with the rankings for every school, just click on this address: