Panthers Set Their Eyes On The Playoff Prize

One game blocked Bullard from the playoffs last year. They don't plan on letting it happen again.

"Rather than a lot of words, I really think the kids understand where they want to be," Coach Jim Taylor said.

"It all came down to that last game with Canton," offensive and defensive lineman Blain Faulk said. "We've got to make the playoffs this year."

In their first year with Coach Jim Taylor, Bullard went 6-4, a year after going 4-6.

"The playoffs are a big hope," quarterback Charlie Moore said. "It's a big goal to tell (the younger) kids to get. Just to be able to play as long as you can with each other because this is it."

Now, Bullard moves into a much tougher district.

"Well, we've got Gilmer and Tatum, big schools that went to state championships and the playoffs," Faulk said. "We're going to get up there and play with them. We're not going to back down."

With a new athletic complex under construction, the Panthers football team is feeling the love.

"It's just a great place to be right now with the community that believes in the kids so much they're willing to give them everything they can to be successful," Coach Taylor said.

"It feels good," Moore said. "The community is starting to get a little more into football it seems like down here."