Mama Jackie's Passing Leaves Buckeyes, Fans Grieving

She was the Gilmer Buckeyes' biggest fan. Sadly, Jackie Stevens was killed in a car accident on Thursday near her Gilmer home.

As KLTV 7 LaKecia Shockley shows you, Jackie's enthusiasm touched everyone she knew.

On any given Friday night at Buckeye Stadium in Gilmer, Jackie Stevens was sure to be heard.

In fact, in a previous interview with KLTV, Jackie let her spirit show.

"We're on fire! We're on fire! We know what it takes to do it and we're ready to do it," she chanted at a December 2007 game.

The Buckeye football team called her Mama Jackie, and to her this team, that included her son ross, meant everything.

"She believed that the Buckeyes was God's team. I mean she was that much into the Buckeyes and she loved them. It didn't matter if they were losing she was still cheering," said Andi Stanley, a friend of Jackie.

Jackie worked at Jimmy Stanley construction. Co-workers say every day with Jackie was a thrill.

"Just energy. When she walked in to a room, everybody knew she walked in," said Jimmy Stanley.

"You could expect her to come in the office completely black and orange she would even spray paint her hair black and orange. She would have her face painted. I mean she was all about it," said Andi.

So what will the Buckeye town miss most about Mama Jackie?

"If I had to say one thing it would be the smile and the laughter. It was so present. The big smile and the laugh, you know, to everybody here," said Jimmy.

"There will never ever, ever, ever be another Jackie. I promise," said Andi.

Jackie leaves behind her husband Mike, her daughter Jill, and sons Ross and Justin.

Her son Ross will star in his first game at TJC in a couple of weeks.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.