Updated: Gladewater Football Player Out of ICU

KLTV 7 Sports has learned that Gladewater junior Quinton Thomas, a member of the Bears football team, is out of ICU and in a private room at Children's Hospital in Dallas.

Gladewater head coach Scott Callaway said Quinton suffered dehydration and heat exhaustion at practice on Monday.

Callaway told KLTV Sports Director Maya Golden that Thomas was participating in a running drill on the first day of two-a-days Monday, when he became ill. Callaway said the team trainer took Thomas inside and he became unresponsive. They then called an ambulance.

Thomas was taken to Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview where Callaway said it was discovered Quinton had problems with his kidney and liver. According to the coach, Thomas was taken by helicopter to Children's Hospital to meet with a stomach specialist.

The coach visited his player Monday evening and said Quinton's condition was much improved.

"Wre a team of faith, Im a man of faith, he's in our prayers," Callaway told KLTV. "Doctors are administering to his needs right now, but talking to his dad this morning, as of 7 o'clock, good reports are coming back. He's recovering. Lord willing, he'll be back with us soon."

Callaway says Quinton was in good condition when he showed up for two-a-days on Monday and that the Gladewater junior had participated in all the team's summer camps.

Maya Golden / mgolden@kltv.com