Everyday Hero's - Judie Moffett

"Life is easier when you see your cup as half full." Those are words that Everyday Hero Judie Moffett lives by. And it's this outlook on life that has allowed her to not only overcome personal obstacles, but to encourage, motivate and inspire those around her.

You see, when a car accident 14 years ago left Judie paralyzed, she knew she had a decision to make: either give up and dwell in self-pity, or turn a difficult situation into an opportunity.

For Judie, the opportunity was co-founding a nonprofit organization called POWER - People on Wheels Encouraging Responsibility. Judie thought that getting together with others in wheelchairs to go out to dinner or bowling would be fun.

POWER is not only fun, it's changing lives. Spanning 8 East Texas counties, POWER enables independence, provides education, resources and friendship to anyone facing a physical disability.

Thank you, Judie Moffett for motivating others with your contagious smile and zest for life. And thanks for reminding all of us - regardless of life's "opportunities" - that we can all do our part to make this a Better East Texas.