Cowboys vs. Cowboys? Fans Love It!

You'll hear some of the biggest cheers at Cowboys Training Camp when a quarterback connects with one of his receivers. Especially in one-on-one drills. The fans love it, even though the guys getting beat on "D", are Cowboys too.

"We always tell ourselves we are the away team," cornerback Anthony Henry said. "Everytime they catch a ball the crowd will go crazy or something like that. We look forward to doing it but we always know the advantage is against us."

"The crowd, they want to see catches and touchdowns," receiver Patrick Crayton said. "So they don't really want to see a DB make a play. So in a way, it is kind of like being an away team."

By design, these one-on-one drills favor the offense. There's a quarterback under no pressure at all, throwing to a receiver who knows his route, while the defensive back is trying to react.

The pass should be completed a lot more often than not.

"Let me tell it, 10 out of 10," Crayton smiled. "I at least say 80 to 90 percent we should complete."

"Once the ball is in the air, it's a 50-50 chance against both," cornerback Mike Jenkins said.

"I would say if you were 33 percent you're probably pretty good defensively," secondary coach Dave Campo said.

"In one-on-one, nine times out of 10. In one-on-one," receiver Sam Hurd said.

"I mean if you just get beat in general, you have to learn how to come back so you have to have some kind of cockiness in yourself," Jenkins added.

"They are all swash buckling kind of guys anyway," Campo said. "They kind of go out there and it's a fun competition thing for them."