Blakemore Makes Miraculous Return To The Field

Alto Yellowjacket Kevin Blakemore's teammates call him the team jokester. But no one was laughing at Blakemore seven weeks ago.

"I was driving and it was raining," Kevin explained. "The car hydro-planed and slid on a hill."

Blakemore remembers little after that.

"The only thing I remember was seeing the pole before I hit," Kevin explained. 

The Alto senior tight end was in a coma with a punctured lung.

"It hurt me a lot because they said he probably wasn't going to make it," Kevin's teammate DeMarcus Griffin said.

But this was one tough Yellowjacket. In a coma for a day, Blakemore woke up.

"That was the first thing I asked," Kevin recalls, " 'Am I going to play football? and they said 'yes.' "

"I thank the good Lord that he pulled through it," head coach Keith Gardner said. "He's lucky to be alive, and we're blessed to have him out here."

Less then two months after the crash, Blakemore shows no effects from his injuries. He believes he's receiving a shot at a third state title.

"It would have hurt. I would still have been out here, but just thinking about not being able to play hurt," Kevin said. "I thank God I'm out here with my team."