Proud Parents Get Special Glimpse Into Son's Military Life

It's a special glimpse into their son's life in the military.

The Air Force has featured a local airman, Matthew Brown, in one of their news videos.

The 18-year old graduated from Brownsboro and is deploying overseas this month.

But tonight, his proud parents get to see him up close and personal, as KLTV 7's Courtney Lane surprises them with this video.

Matthew Brown tells his parents a little over the phone.

But now they can visualize the important role he has in fighting the war on terrorism.

"I don't know that there are words to truly describe how proud I am. Every time, you know, just like watching that it's like I feel sometime like my head will explode, I'm so proud," said Kim Brown, Matthew's mom.

The video Matthew is featured in, highlights the mission from Beale Air Force Base in California.

That's where 18-year old Matthew serves a crew chief on the Global Hawk Aircraft, which is used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"A simple mistake can be a major mistake with what he's doing. He said it's a lot of responsibility and a heavy burden but that he loves it, he really does," said Kim.

"Coming from a kid who couldn't keep up with this car keys through high school it's kind of good to see him take on this responsibility," said Drew Brown, Matthew's dad.

The war became all too real for the Brown family as soon as it began.

Matthew's cousin was killed fighting in Iraq, and that's one reason Drew says Matt decided to enlist.

"He graduated high school on a saturday and Monday morning he was on his way to basic."

Matthew is deploying to the war zone in a few weeks.

It's a move he says he's ready for, but his parents are praying about.

"My brother's son was killed over there so we know that there's that possibility but we know that God's going to be with him and he's going to come back home safely," said Drew.

Though it's hard for them here at home, Drew and Kim say they couldn't be prouder of their baby boy who's now clearly grown into an honorable man.

Matthew celebrates his 19th birthday this Friday. He was also just married last month to his high school sweetheart. He is serving a 6 year term in the Air Force.

Courtney Lane, Reporting