A Possible Cure For Costly Prescription Drugs?

A new company in Tyler, The Rx Connection, is offering prescription drugs at up to 80 percent off the nornal price.  

    The Beaumont-based business connects Texans with a Canadian pharmacy that offers more affordable medication. The company's founder Larry Plunk says most of the drugs are American made and approved by the FDA. And all medications sold in Canada are inspected and approved by Canada Health, a regulatory arm of the government.

Canada's socialized health care system is what makes the medicines so affordable.

"Clients can save as much as 50% to 60% on those Canadian drugs," says Plunk. "And it's the same medication they get here in this country."

If it sounds illegal, Plunk says it's not.

The pharmacists are banned from buying drugs outside the U.S., but Plunk says individual citizens can purchase medications from other countries.

"Individuals can import up to three months, as long as the medication is FDA approved, and as long as they get a prescription from their local doctor," says Plunk.

Lindale resident Retha Stanley has already signed on the dotted line. After watching her mother struggle to buy her medications, Stanley decided to give Rx Connection a chance.

Stanley says her mother was spending $150 a month for five medications. She now pays $75 a month through Rx Connection. Stanley's mom signed up in late July and has not yet tried her new medications.

Some of the biggest savings are in drugs like Tamoxifen, which is used to treat breast cancer. A 3-month supply typically costs $290. Rx Connection clients pay just $60.

Plunk says before any orders are placed, candidates must fill out a medical history report and have a doctor's prescription . All prescriptions and medical reports will be approved by both American and Canadian physicians.

The Rx Connection started in Beaumont eight months ago, and now has a station inside Broadway Square Mall. So far, the business has serviced 1,000 patients.

Plunk is now looking for a permanent office in Tyler. The plight of uninsured patients inspired him to start the company, but Plunk says anybody can use the service.

Plunk has been a pharmacist for 30 years and works out of King's Pharmacy in Beaumont.

   If you'd like more information, you can call the company's toll free line, (866) 833-2250.  The Tyler number is (903) 780-4975.

Their website is www.cantexrx.com