'Faith' And Her Rescuers Hoping To Share Her Love With Others

It's pretty safe to say dogs are amazing creatures, and this 6 month old black lab is proof of that.

Meet "Faith," a dog who survived an amputated leg and two bullet wounds, and despite all the pain, Faith loves people more than ever.

As KLTV 7 's Molly Reuter shows us, Faith's love will now be used to help others with disabilities.

"She's such a good doggie. How can you hurt a dog like this?"

She's been rescuing dogs for more than a year, but still it amazes Judy Griggs of Alba how people can abuse animals every day.

"Devastated, angry you know, you wish you could find these people."

But Judy says her main concern are her children.

"Hi guys, it's hot out here!"

All 30 of them.

"Hi Coco, Hi Megan."

With so many, Judy says it's hard to have a favorite, but Faith stands out from all the rest.

Just listen to her story.

"This gentleman calls me and he says you know I got this dog, do you want it? And I said well what do you got and he said well I don't know what it is, it's got a bad leg, and I'm going to shoot it."

Judy says that's all she needed to hear.

That night her husband picked Faith up, and right away they noticed Faith's broken leg.

"Her leg was just like spaghetti, it was just like this."

The next morning Judy's husband brought Faith to the vet. That's when the vet noticed Faith not only had a bad leg, but two bullet wounds including one to the head, which missed her brain by just inches.

"Aren't you a good dog, look at you."

The bullet wounds, Judy said healed, but Faith's leg could not be saved.

It doesn't seem to bother Faith, which is why Judy wants to train Faith to help others.

"We want to take her to the VA hospital and maybe Children's hospitals where maybe they have disabilities, and show them - hey, Faith can do this and see how happy she is and you can do this, too."

All you need is a little Faith.

Judy says she promises she will update Faith's story on her rescue shelter website.

You can find that on KLTV.com's Know More On 7 page, or by clicking here.

Molly Reuter, Reporting mreuter@kltv.com