A Better East Texas: Federal Spending

Dont you just love it when you see the leaders of our federal government criticize others? They cant even seem to run their own organization effecitvely. Congress' approval rating is at all time low. And its easy to understand why. Legislative gridlock and onerous regulations like they've put on oil exploration are one of the main reasons gasoline prices are through the roof.

They would do a lot more good if they would spend the next year analyzing themselves as critically as they do others. Let me give you just one example.  I have seen one estimate that suggests it costs each individual taxpayer close to six thousand dollars a year just to run the federal government.

That's $500 per month. Even today, that's a lot more than I spend on gasoline each month. Imagine how much it would help you if they reduced that monthly cost by just fifty bucks. The next time you hear any lawmaker claiming to be looking out for you with the high cost of gasoline ask them what they've done to reduce the cost of running our government.