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Gene - Husband of 24 years

Submitted by Janice

This is about my husband of 24 years.

He is the most amazing, inspiring hard working man I have ever known.

We met one Friday evening on the Town square.  The cutest guy with his rugged good looks and aurburn red hair driving the nicest car a Trans AM parked next to me, and asked if he could talk to me. .Sure, I said, We talked and laughed like we had know each other all our lives.

I had just been recently divorced after a 7 year marriage, and was forced to find my own way in life.

I wasn't expecting to find  the most wonderful,caring, and generous man. We dated for 3 months, but he was not like most dates, instead of showing up with flowers, he would show up with groceries or a paid off layaway. Things suddenly weren't broken anymore: not the kitchen cabinets, not the front step, and not my heart. Three months later, while driving me home, he asked me to be his wife. Even with all he had done for me, the seven wasted years of my past were an excuse to say no, I'm not ready.

As I sat alone on Thanksgiving, I longed to be with family. Late in the day, I determined that this was the last Thanksgiving I would ever spend alone. I  called my sweetheart and told him I had changed my mind, I was ready to marry him. I married my prince in time for New Years, and our one and only baby girl arrived thirteen months later. From that point on, I was never alone again.

He went to work at a young age of  seven, with his father every day after school to help his dad with his electrical business.

When most boys were playing baseball, football or going to scouts Gene was working, but he didnâ t mind. He was very independent and responsible he is very much respected for his determination and hard work. A born leader.

At age 15 he was proud of the fact that he had earned and saved enough Money to pay cash for his first new car, a  Trans AM, even though he didnâ t even have a drivers License . Ha! And it sit in the yard while he rode the bus until he was 16.

When he was 18 he bought his first home. And continues to remodel and improve it. Making things newer and nicer.

He has used his time and energy serving

His Heavenly Father in numerous church callings: all while working two Jobs. One to pay the bills and the other for the passion.

At 23 he started working a second job cutting treeâ s this was his business. after putting in 8 hours of Electrical work for his dadâ s business he then worked until dark nearly everyday except Saturday and Sunday for many years. (22) as of 2008.

So therefore he got the reputation of a Workaholic.

He loves to work, it gives peace and calm to him, because he could not Relax when he sit down. Just a blessed individual, with strength beyond Most menâ s  ability. He knew he had a gift, he knew he had to use it. And he has been of service to many people.

Gene is always one to be counted on, He is usually the first to show up and the last to leave any service project or church meeting he had to attend.

What stands out in our mind of Gene is his compassion, sincerity, his warm and friendly personality and his Willingness to work and serve others.

Many people admire his ability to inspire people, not only by his words but by his actions.

â Actions speak louder than words.â  He is a man of action. He doesnâ t like to Waste time talking or discussing , â Well, Lets Do Itâ  is his motto!

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