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Jennah Rose

Submitted by Name Witheld By Request

I shop at Brookshire's on Rice Rd. There is a young lady who cashiers there named Jennah Rose and she is the epitome of East Texas Everyday Heroes. I go out of my way to wait in her line. I have seen her bend over backwards for myself and other customers as well. I love watching her with the children and just any other human being. Jennah is always happy and always smiling. I feel as if she is a part of my own family. And while I don't know a great deal about her personally I know that on top of pouring her heart and soul into her full time job she is also a full time student aspiring to teach. She also suffers some health issues. Abd all of these things she bears alone without the help of a family. There is no one is this community more beautiful and inspiring than this young lady. Go to her checkstand and you will never second guess that! Sincerely--Name Witheld By Request......

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