Mrs. Tabitha

Submitted by Anna

I would like to nominate Mrs. Tabitha for our home town hero. She owns Silly City Daycare in Chandler and for her and our children, it's not a daycare, it's an extension of family. I admire Mrs. Tabitha for everything she stands for. She is a mother of 7, two of whom are special needs children. I personally don't see how she does it. She's always doing something, taking one of her children to therapy, Dr. Visits, or doing something for the children, parents and teachers at the  daycare. She never complains about what she goes through, and when asked how she does it she replies "God Blessed me with my children, and with the children in the daycare. We don't touch each others lives by accident, God puts us together for what ever amount of time, and it's up to us to love and help those he puts into our lives, you never know what tomorrow holds."

Mrs. Tabitha lives up to that statement, she reaches out to help anyone who is in need. She is always there for everyone, whether it's for a shoulder to cry on, a place to stay, or just an ear to listen, she is the one we all go to. She never pushes when someone falls behind on thier payment, but lets us work it out until we can catch up. She is definitely the kindest, most caring and loving person I have ever met. Her generosity and compassion knows no bounds. Of course all the children think she is the greatest person in the world. They can't wait for her to open the doors at the daycare, and don't want to leave when we pick them up. She has a heart of gold and wouldn't hesitate to help in any form possible or give you anything that she has. I can't begin to tell you how many people she has touched with her generosity and love. She has never turned her back on a person in need, even those who have tried to hurt her with hateful deeds or words. She holds no animosity toward!

s anyone.

She is an outstanding role model for her children and ours. She's a mom, an educator, friend, and family member (to everyone she meets). She is our Hero. We should all try to live up to the example she puts forth to us.