Saberkats Getting Ready Over Summer

For most high schools, football practice starts Monday but the ladies have been working out all summer long.

The East Texas Saberkats, our own local team in the National Women's Football Association, has been on the field for the past few months, working out the gameplan to get ready for their first season in 2009. Things are really starting to come together for the team, and they said even if they don't get to officially play until April, it's still been a fun way to spend the summer.

"This is all I've talked about, all summer." quarterback Cassie Newell said. "It's been so exciting, one of the most exciting things I've done in a long time."

"Coach saw me and asked me to try out for football, and we never had a team," wide receiver Shakina Minniefield said. "I went out and saw it was fun, so it was a good thing to come out and spend the summer doing, instead of wasting it in bed, like I'd normally do."

The Saberkats start play in April of 2009.

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