Hundreds Of Kids Prepared For School, Thanks To Donations In Mineola

Packed up and ready for school, Saturday, hundreds of East Texas kids got free health screenings and school supplies in Mineola.  KLTV 7's Courtney Lane, shows us how the outpouring of donations in this community, is helping hundreds of children get excited for school.

It was a back-to-school bash for these little ones, featuring food, games, and of course the necessities for class.

"We need like binders and pencils and pens and a bunch of paper," said Cynthia Bryant.  Thanks to the Kiwanis Club, kids were loaded up with school supplies, including books to encourage reading.

"I'm the best reader in my school," said Anthony Tresta.  But it doesn't' stop there.  Kids also got free eye exams.

"It went good," said Tresta.  "I only missed two."  And of course, they've got to be clean-cut for school.  Local hair-dressers volunteered their time.  Sam Curry, Chairman of the event, says Mineola started this after the Columbine school shootings.  He says the community wanted to do something positive to help families.

"We've got a feeling that some of these kids might not otherwise have the things that they're getting today," said Curry.

"If they don't have it next year, I would start a protest because this thing is awesome," said Tristan Brightwell.

"It prepares the kids to go back to school both physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually," said Curry.  So because this community came together once again, these little ones are all set and ready to have a good school year.

This annual event is held at the First United Methodist Church in Mineola.  Organizers say it keeps growing every year, and other school districts are now interested in hosted their own back-to-school bash.

Courtney Lane, Reporting