Couple "Safe At Home" For Softball Wedding

Kimberly Bates recalls what gave her the idea to lead her wedding procession all the way to home plate.

"I coach out here, he umpires out here," Kimberly said. "The people out here mean a lot to us, like one big family. How would that not be perfect to have it somewhere that's close to us that would mean something to both he and I, and the people we're around all the time."

Kimberly's been a coach for eight years, Jimmie an umpire for seventeen. Over the course of their eleven year relationship, they figure they spent a lot of time at the ballpark.

"When the tournament is going," groom Jimmie Miller recalled, "we're out here seven days a week. "

"This is our life," Kimberly said. "We're here, the people here mean a lot to me, the team means a lot to me. This is more traditional to me and perfect for me than if we went anywhere else."

Another reason for the softball wedding is the wedding party. After all, why have a couple of bridesmaids when you can have your whole team backing you up?

"This is my last year coaching my fourteen-year-old," Kimberly said. "She'll be going to high school, so that's something special to me. To be able to share that with them, it means a lot."

But can a coach and an ump find love in this crazy world? Of course. Just remember on the diamond, Jimmie is the ump, and the ump is always right.

And at home...

"Oh, no," Kimberly laughs. "I'm always right. He knows that, I'm the umpire at the house."

"She's the umpire," Jimmie agrees. "Yes, she is."

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