Age Nothing But A Number For Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens will celebrate his 35th birthday in December. While that's young by most folks standards, in the NFL it's viewed on the elderly side.

But how quickly the media forgets as they hound him about his age, that last season, Mr. Owens was the league's leading receiver with 15 touchdowns and more than 1,300 receiving yards. On paper it was the third best season of T.O.'s 12 year career.

Terrell said he's better in his 30's than in his 20's.

"I feel good," Owens said. "Age is nothing but a number to me. I think everybody harps on it that's one thing that a lot of commentators want to talk about when guys start getting into their 30's but it doesn't bother me. I feel very blessed. I'm moving around probably just as good as I was early in my career. So, I'm feeling fine."

"He looks faster to me," Coach Wade Phillips smiled. "Does he look faster to you? Geez."

Cowboys Camp Headlines:
* Linebacker Greg Ellis joined the team late for the start of Friday afternoon's practice. Ellis reportedly has soreness in his back.

* DeMarcus Ware returned to the practice field Friday. Ware had some dizziness after taking a hit to the head Wednesday, but ran first team reps Friday just fine.

* Retired New York Giant Michael Strahan was at Cowboys camp. When asked who the favorite was in the NFC, Strahan said until the Cowboys beat the Giants, it will remain the defending Super Bowl champions.