Moving Men: "Does It Work?"

When it comes to moving furniture, sometimes you just can't wait for a helper. And that's where the Moving Men come in handy. You've seen them on T.V. They're supposed to be the easiest way to move furniture. "Move living room and bedroom furniture, entertainment units, loaded bookcases, heavy appliances and more," the box says. Mark Burton helped us out. We tried the Moving Men first on an entertainment center setting carpet. It weighs between 200 and 300 pounds.

After placing four Moving Men disks under the legs, Mark gave it a shove and it moved across the carpet with surprising ease. "It's sliding pretty good. It's a heavy piece of furniture. It's not doing too bad," Mark said. Could he have moved it by himself without the Moving Men? "Not at all," he says.

The Moving Men worked equally well on the living room sofa.

We give the Moving Men a "yes".

We picked up the box of 8 Moving Men for 20 dollars.

They're re-usable and pretty nice to have around the house. However, use care when using them on surfaces that can scratch.