Long-time Longview Police Dog Dies

He was a dedicated four-footed member of the Longview Police Department. 11 year old Ali the K9 officer has passed away.

KLTV 7 Bob Hallmark spoke with Ali's partner today, who remembers a dog who loved his work.

Officer Kirby Deloach says Ali was an unselfish partner.

"Ali had been my partner for 5 and a half years on the street."

Ali was fearless and relentless when it came to getting a job done particularly chasing down suspects.

"He always came out of his kennel and was ready to go. They enjoy getting out there and doing their job and they require no pat on the back."

Trained in patrol and narcotics detection, his service was invaluable to the department over the years.

"We had 3 suspects from a robbery that ran into a wooded area in pursuit...then we used Ali and we found another suspect."

In his final years, Deloach could not part with Ali, and took him home.

"And he had become part of the family...the dog goes on duty with you, he's with you on your shift and also at home so in a sense he does become part of your family."

Deloach hopes east Texans will remember this officer who served as well and any for the department.

"He was a very friendly dog, a very sociable dog...the first night after his death, I found myself going out to his kennel and getting his food bowl to feed him and that was an emotional experience."

Officer Deloach gave Ali a private burial earlier this week.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com