Restaurant Reports: Jacksonville

It's a tale of one Cherokee County city, and its restaurants.

Tonight KLTV 7's Layron Livingston takes us along for a restaurant tour d' Jacksonville...starting with the one and only best of the best.

The first stop on our tour: What-a-burger on South Jackson where they received absolutely no demerits. When the inspector paid them a visit, they noted no critical violations and everything was in tip-top shape.

The same could not be said down the street at King's Wok. Crawfish, mussels and scallops needed to be kept colder.

And one too many flies were buzzing around the kitchen. One of the cooks was also seen violating hand-washing procedure.

There was no hand sanitizer in the kitchen, no hot water in the restrooms, and no soap at the hand-washing sink

Combining that with condensation dripping on the broccoli and toxic bug sprays and supplies near food, the inspector tallied up 48 demerits.

At Pizza Hut just up the road, open bags of food in the freezer needed to be covered.

The dishwasher was not sanitizing.

The inspector also thought the microwave, some tables, the ice machine and dish-washing machine all needed a good scrubbing: total demerits 23.

Jacksonville Seafood is the next stop on the tour. There was no hand sanitizer in the kitchen.

Here, they also had a problem with flies.

Food was being stored with dirty dishes, and the ice machine needed to be cleaned.

Total demerits: 21.

At Panaderia on East Pine, eggs were not being held at the proper temp, and there were no towels at the hand-washing sink.

Rat poison was spilled on the floor of the baking room, and no certified food manager was present. That prompted 20 demerits from the inspector.

The last and final stop on our tour is Chili's. Food in the cooler needed to be covered properly, here.

And the ice machine was a little dirty, along with some of the utensils.

All that yielded 16 demerits.

Layron Livingston, Reporting