Boyfriend Charged With Murder After Boy's Alleged Beating Death

Christopher McFaul (Courtesy: Henderson County Sheriff's Department)
Christopher McFaul (Courtesy: Henderson County Sheriff's Department)

Two year old Douglas Crickmore, Jr., known as Junior, was found lying in his bed dead in late May. Until now his death was simply suspicious, but now authorities say they have proof of murder.

On May 27th, authorities were called out a home on County Road 2450 near the town of Tool.

Now east Texas authorities believe they now have the man responsible behind bars.

19 year old Christopher Blane McFaul was arrested just north east of Fort Worth in Bedford yesterday and, today he was transported to Henderson County.

KLTV 7's Danielle Capper received his arrest affidavit and has Junior's cause of death, and some insight into what may have happened.

Earlier that night a witness describes seeing Christopher McFaul slap the child in the face while they were at a party.

Autopsy results just received last week say Junior died of blunt force trauma to the head, and his death has been ruled a homicide.

It was inside a Tool home that Junior was found dead in the middle of the night lying face down.

Junior was sleeping in the room with McFaul, his mother, Crystal Crickmore, and two other children.

Minutes before Junior was found dead, McFaul was with Junior alone.

Just minutes prior to Douglas dying, Mr. McFaul did take him to the restroom alone and then upon returning from the restroom he was found unresponsive.

Just somehow or another shortly before his death he suffered some type of blow to the head. Whether he fell to the ground or somehow or another he was able to have a blow to the head that was substantial enough to kill him.

Now, as for the other 2 kids in the room, one of those children belonged to McFaul, the other to Crystal.

CPS was called out to the house, and those children were voluntarily placed in the custody of their other biological parents.

Authorities are interviewing other people, and hope more people will come forward.

So far, they haven't ruled out the possibility of another arrest.

Authorities say McFaul, Crickmore and the children were at a party at a friends house earlier that evening.

They said they are interviewing more people who were there.

Danielle Capper, reporting.