City Worker Left Suspended In Air After Semi Clips Bucket Truck

The intersection where the accident happened.
The intersection where the accident happened.

A city worker was injured last night while he was changing a red light bulb when a semi-truck clipped the bottom of the bucket he was in.

Wednesday night, traffic signal technician Brandon Simms was working on the red light at the intersection of Loop 323 and SH 31 West. He raised himself up in the bucket truck to change the light, wearing a safety harness and with a police car underneath provide traffic control.

While changing the light, a semi-truck clipped the bottom of the bucket, bringing it down and leaving Simms suspended from his safety harness in the air.

"Had Brandon not been wearing his safety harness, he would have surely plummeted to the ground," said City Engineer Carter Delleney.  "By following safety protocol, he escaped likely serious injury."

The police officer who was on scene was able to lower the arm of the truck and bring Simms to safety.  The officer also issued a citation to the truck driver.

Simms was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for a bruised arm. He returned to work today, but on light duty while his arm heals.

"It is extremely important for drivers to exercise caution when workers are present," said Delleney.  "We often see drivers putting worker's lives at risk, because they will not slow down."

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