Gift Of Love: Jacob And Mikayla

It's emotional for Cheryl and Eric Glosup to talk about, because it meant changing the lives of two children placed in foster care because of abuse.

Cheryl tells us, "We found them on the internet. I called my husband in. He looked at me and he said, do you want to do something? this is going to make be cry."

But those tears would soon be replaced by Jacob and Mikayla's smiles.

Jacob, who is 10,  told us, "At first i was nervous. I didn't know what we would do every day and after the first few days, I figured it out what we were going to do most of the time and I just fell in place and i really like this family and i'm glad i got adopted here."

However, it did take time for the Glosup's 9 year old daughter Shelby to adjust to two new siblings, something she admits herself.

"i got like mad and stuff because i liked when i had my parents to myself but now i have to share my parents, " said Shelby.

And Mikayla and Jacob also brought their own challenges for the Glosups.

Cheryl says "Mikayla had tantrums, a lot of behavioral issues. After about 3 months they started to dissipate. Just every month has gotten better and better."

And now, though those challenges, the whole familly has a deep appreciation and love for each other.

"i'm just really grateful that I found a family that i can enjoy and stay with forever. I know that they love me no matter what happens," said Jacob.

Mikayla told us, "They buy us clothes and they feed us, they take care of us. And i like having a sister cause i get to play."

And even Shelby quickly got used to the changes and learned to share, unafraid to tell her new brother and sister that she loves them.

And Jacob puts it all into perspective.

"My two sisters do annoy me, but that's just the way sisters are."

But together, they make a family, and the Glosups count these 2 new additions every time they count their blessings.

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting