Prison Jumpsuits for Dress Code Violators

Some parents say it will make students feel like prisoners, but the district says it's just a way to keep the kids dressed appropriately for school.

Jordon Meredith knows that his summer look doesn't even come close to fitting in to his school's dress code, "What I got out of it is it is going to help us study better." So he understands why there is a dress code, what he doesn't understand is why the school district took what he says is a drastic fashion stance for dress code violatoRS.

"I don't think it is going to work at all," said Jordon.

Gonzales ISD board president says the coveralls are a way to keep the district's conservative values intact. He also says they have had plenty of time to voice their coverall concerns before the board voted.

The district says if parents bring a change of clothes to the school, the student does not have to wear a jumpsuit.

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