Two Tyler Eateries Burglarized Before Dawn

When employees at two Tyler restaurants arrived at work Monday, they found their businesses had been burglarized. Tyler police say El Charro's restaurant and Chuck E. Cheese's, both located on Loop 323, were burglarized early in the morning.

The burglars made off with large sums of money from safes stored away in both businesses. Police say it's a good bet that both crimes were committed by the same people.

"They used some type of prying instrument to get into one of the side doors," said Gilbert Ramirez, one of the restaurant's owners. "And then they took a security lock of the office door, which was a task in itself." The intruders also cut phone lines outside both businesses to disarm their security alarms.

Police say the forced entries resemble a series of burglary cases that happened late last year. "There was four or five businesses that were hit in the same type of fashion," said Sgt. Brown. "They may be the same suspects involved in these cases."

Crime scene investigators believe the burglars wore gloves, and say the intruders were careful to remove surveillance videos from El Charro's, and they tampered with security camera's inside Chuck E. Cheese's. Police do not have any suspects in these two burglaries, but if you have any information that could help, you can call crime stoppers at 597-Cuff.