Pittsburg Mayor Celebrates His 90th Birthday

D.H. Abernathy has been the Mayor of Pittsburg, Texas for an incredible 49 consecutive years.

That, so far, is the second longest term of any Texas Mayor.

But that's not the only reason Mayor Abernathy has to celebrate, he's also the oldest Mayor in Texas.

And Monday, Mayor Abernathy turned 90.

D.H. Abernathy now 90 years old, still comes to work each day.

An engineer by trade, Mayor Abernathy's career in public office began with a run for city council 55 years ago.

" I ran for the city council in 1947 and I was on the city council 5 years", says Mayor Abernathy.

The Mayor at the time was transferred with his job and he told Abernathy he should run for the office.

So he did, " Jack Macnut was the Pontiac Buick dealer here and a popular feller and he ran against me and I beat him by 150 votes," says the Mayor.

Just three more brave candidates opposed the mayor over the years. All lost.

The mayor's coworkers down at city hall seem glad he's still here, "Each morning when he does come in he comes by each of our desks and asks how we're doing and we always ask he and he's always top notch he always says I'm top notch," says Doris Weaver.

Mayor Abernathy's great, great uncle major W.H. Pitts settled the town of Pittsburg.

Mayor Abernathy says he's most proud of his accomplisments like building the town's two water tanks, several firetrucks and improving highways.

Accomplishments he says he couldn't have finished with traditional term limits.

"I couldn't have done it with 6 year term limits that's just the advantage of having an unlimited term time. I couldn't have been mayor for 49 years either," says the Mayor.

And at age 90 Mayor Abernathy shows no sign of slowing down.

He is now writing a book detailing the history of his hometown.

The city of Pittsburg held a reception celebrating Mayor Abernathy's 90th birthday and honoring the work he has accomplished as mayor.

Mayor Abernathy just won re-election in May.

He says as long as he's still healthy he'll run again in two years.