Cowboys React To "Earth Shaking" Experience

The home of this year's Cowboys training camp, Oxnard, is about 100 miles from the epicenter of Tuesday's Southern California earthquake.

Still the quake could be felt at Cowboys headquarters.

The quake struck about two hours before the team was scheduled to practice. Contacts in Oxnard told KLTV 7 Sports the teams' hotel shoke quite a bit but no one was injured.

The Cowboys practiced as scheduled, afterwards joking about the morning's surprise.

"I was in the lunchroom with about 20 other guys and to be honest with you, I wasn't sure if it was too many leads on Bradie James or if I really felt it moving there," said tight end Jason Witten.

"I was a little bit nervous," said defensive end Chris Canty. "It caught me off guard there. The ground typically doesn't move."

"I was on the elliptical and  I was going and I thought, 'man I'm really going now, I'm shaking this place down!'' Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips laughed.

"One of the coaches thought that the earth moved because he asked one of his players a question in the meeting and he got it right," said public relations director Rich Dalrymple. "So he thought it was an earth moving experience."

Cowboys Camp Headlines:

* reported earlier that cornerback Terence Newman has a slight groin tear and will likely be out for two weeks. Coach Wade Phillips now says it will be a minimum of three weeks. It was originally said to be a strain.

* Linebacker Justin Rogers missed Sunday's and Monday's practices because of a stomach virus and dehydration. Rogers returned to practice Tuesday.

* Remember when Adam Jones wanted to distance himself from his past and drop the nickname "Pacman"? After an enthusiastic welcome from fans at camp and several months without trouble, Pacman is back. Jones is okay with the nickname again.