Gift of Love: Justin

Last week we introduced you to Veronica and Brandon. Now, it's time to meet their brother, Justin. A great day for him, is an afternoon at Tyler's Fire Mountain. "I like to come here and drive those go-carts," says Justin with a big smile. He's a typical 8 year old; hard to keep up with, even when he's not on a go-cart. He's also very active and is all boy. Justin tells us how he's spending his summer, "I play with cars and trucks and stuff." Cheyanne Fuller, with Child Protective Services, explains what some of that "stuff" is, "He loves to get out and play baseball. He wants you to watch him. He wants you to play with him. He doesn't go off by himself. He wants to be the center of attention." That's obvious as Justin shouts out, "Hey, take my picture," grinning from ear to ear. This young boy interacts well with other children and enjoys playing with lego's. He thrives on being part of a family, helping around the house and going to church. Justin sings in a soft voice, "For the Bible tells me so..." Because of a past that includes abuse and neglect, Justin is on medication and will need to continue therapy. Learning to trust a forever family will take time. "He needs to know that there's going to be someone there when he wakes up and that he's going to have breakfast, lunch and dinner." Fuller goes on to say, "He also needs to know he's going to go to school, and have clothes to wear and that someone's going to love him no matter what. That's something he's never had." Justin reinforced that by saying, "I want a mom and dad!" Justin would do best in a two parent family with a lot of structure and supervision. They will need patience and a willingness to be involved as he learns and grows. "As he gets older, they can teach him ways to modify the energy and participate in sports and school activities that can redirect his energy," says Fuller. Justin is a bright boy in need of affection, and the Gift of Love. He's hoping the right family will come along so he can either stay with his siblings permanently or, at the very least, stay in touch.

If you'd like to know more about Justin, or about how to become a foster or adoptive parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.