Romo Hopes Offseason Workout Translates To Improvement

It has been a long time since the Dallas Cowboys had a quarterback on Hollywood's radar.

Followed by the paparazzi, celebrity girlfriend in tow, and making tabloid headlines, Tony Romo is something much different than what Cowboys fans have seen before. Not even Don Meredith or Roger Staubach had to deal with the press attention Romo receives.

For that reason, many are quick to question the young quarterback's focus. But Romo has been quick to say his first commitment is football.

Despite making press for his personal life, Romo says this offseason he began a new workout that he hopes will translate into success.

"I'd like to think that I have a lot of room for improvement," Romo said. "Saying that, I've had some success but once you think that you've either arrived or think that you've reached your potential, you're destined to not go much further."

"I think that one thing I've been able to do in my career, is I've been able to look at myself from a realistic point of view and say 'alright, what do I need to do to get better? What do I need to do to improve?'" Romo continued. "I've been able to do that each offseason and I really feel like some of the things I did this offseason."

"I feel more strongly about (this year) than a lot of years, So I'm excited to see if they can come out and work and hopefully make me go to that next step."

Cowboys Camp Headlines:

* Terence Newman missed both of Monday's practices with a strained groin. Coach Wade Philips said Newman is likely day-to-day.

* Fans are curious about the future of cornerback Anthony Henry, with questions about him losing his starting job to Adam Jones. Henry told the Dallas Morning News he's focusing on starting at corner and that he's been told he is the starter.

* As KLTV 7 Sports reported, the Cowboys will be featured on the HBO series Hard Knocks this year. The first episode is set to premiere on Wednesday, August 6th.