More On Charges Against Robert Fox

We are learning more information on the charges against House of Israel ring leader Robert Fox.

He is still on the loose with a warrant for his arrest for barratry, which is a felony charge, punishable up to 10 years in prison.

Fox made contact with an inmate in a jail and offered them 10 percent finder's fee for people they sent to him for legal advice.

Legal advice and legal fees - Fox's basic operation.

"His basic operations is that he files legal documents into cases regarding how corrupt the judicial system is, that the United States is being run by foreign power, that all judged are corrupt. I think he describes them as Satanic minions," said Detective Jason Price of the Jacksonville Police Department.

Among the avalanche of evidence and legal papers, they found a passport, citizen ID, birth certificate and a license plate from the country of Oceanus, a non-existent country.

Authorities say Fox's operation was with Dr. Barry Brooks, both operating under what they call the Matthew 25 mission - to set the captives free.

We mentioned on Friday Fox's links to known terrorists such as John Walker Lindh and Timothy McVeigh.

Authorities say although investigating those links are very important into learning more about Fox, it is unlikely they will result in additional charges.

Jacksonville police also told us on the phone this afternoon they have made contact with individuals that had first hand knowledge - Fox's associates, and witnesses to Fox's activity.

Those people have agreed to assist in Fox's prosecution and have given evidence to support their claims.

Danielle Capper, reporting.