Youth Choir Visits Ground Zero

The youth choir of Colonial Hills Baptist Church was used to taking mission trips. This year, they chose to take their mission to ground zero.

Ryan Davis admits, "There's a difference between what I thought and what I did see. You can think all you want to but until you get's just astonishing."

Forty-seven kids raised the money to visit New York and the Pentagon, taking their songs of God and country to people still working on clean-up efforts. Jonathan Palmer explains, "We were there early morning when they were there working, and they were working around the clock 24-7.

At one point, the choir sang for a fire station, still recovering from losing thirteen of their members in the September attack. Jennifer Sunde recalls, "We're sitting there and we're singing the song, 'The Ones Left Standing,' and we're sitting there staring at the ones left standing who were there in the city the day that it happened."

For one choir member and volunteer fire fighter, it was especially difficult. Ryan Davis admits, "I'm not much of a person to show my emotions very well, but seeing the firefighters and seeing their reaction towards it... Yeah, I bawled. I cried my eyes out just watching them."

They returned yesterday, bringing their message of God and country back to East Texas from their special mission trip.