Welcome Home Soldiers Mom Welcomes Home Her Own Soldier

Beth Miller has welcomed dozens of young men and women back from the front lines.  Miller is a volunteer with Welcome Home Soldiers.  Sunday, she and the organization helped welcome home a soldier who holds a very special place in her heart.

Sunday, Miller welcomed home her daughter, U.S. Army Private Sara Shipley.

"I was surprised this many people were here," said Shipley.  "I almost started crying."  Shipley has been in Kuwait since October.  For the next 18 days, she'll be in her mom's loving arms.

"Even though it's a little time, I'm glad she's home," said Miller.  "I'm gonna get some hugs."  And mom is not the only one.

"I haven't seen her in so long," said Sarah's father Richard Shipley.  "I'm glad she's back, glad she's safe, and real proud of her."  ara is the only one of Beth Miller's children who has seen deployed overseas for military service.

"It get's hard," said Miller.  "What's helped me cope, is being able to be part of the Welcome Home Soldiers."  Until they're all home for good, Beth said she'll welcome home as many East Texas men and women in uniform as she can.

"We care about them," said Miller.  "Even if they don't know us, we care and love each and everyone of them."  That's something any soldier can appreciate.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.  llivingston@kltv.com